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"Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20

We believe that when every tribe and tongue has heard, Jesus Christ will return. We send out missionaries from our midst to go in all authority to the ends of the earth. We also understand that our places of work, our homes, our neighborhoods and our communities are all mission fields, and we reach out to those around us who are thirsty for the gospel. The harvest is plentiful!

Short Term Missions (July 2015) Report:

July 20, 2015

Peace to All,

This is Seumean, XinMing and Ai-Ling’s dad. I am sending their update and prayer requests b/c they do not have access to email while on the trip.

I just talked to both kids. They are waiting at the Hong Kong (HK) airport getting ready for their flight to the Philippines. They had to get up at 2:45am HK time this morning. I asked them how the training time in HK has impacted them thus far. Following are their responses (& prayer request):

XinMing – The last day of training was most impactful. They called it mission night. We were blindfolded and had to trust the person in front of us as they led us thru a simulated environment of what the world is going thru. We were to talk to the Lord at this time, and I felt so strong the presence of the Lord. He told me how much He loves me. And has given me a much greater heart for mission. Please have them pray that I would be able to love people more and grow as a servant.

Ai-Ling – The most impacting time of training was mission night. He rekindled my heart and reminded me of the word that He gave me for Russia from two years ago. For some reasons, I have such a heart for Russia. Also I was able to write a letter to God, and share with Him things like never before. I experienced so much peace and so much of His presence. Please pray for unity for our team, and for me to continue to learn to die to myself.

The team left Houston on Wednesday July 15 for 4-5 days of training in Hong Kong. They took an 15 hour flight from Houston to Seoul, Korea and then another flight to HK, and arriving there around 11pm at night. The next day, they had their first training assignments… Go to a poor area in HK and minister to the homeless and poor there. Following is a testimony from XinMing (click on link below).

Please continue to pray for them and their teams as they head in the Philippines to minister there.




July 21 - Pt 1

Peace to All,

Just FYI – Since the kids will have no or limited access to email, I (Seumean Kuon) will be sending updates.. I will not mention this in future updates.

Yesterday, I had asked (via texting) our youth leader, Jacob Martinez, what kind of training the team had gone thru in HK. He said, “Mostly sermons about dying to self. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Adapting to the environment. Do not complain.”

So this morning, Houston time, I received the following Whatapp’s text from Jacob.

[7/21, 5:33 AM] Jacob Martinez: We’ve arrived at our final destination. Cagayno de oro. City of Gold. Very poor. But nice. Our building has no AC but they have portable ones. They spoil us giving them to us. I was frustrated a bit because I think it’s better for everyone with no AC. And then the power went out.

[7/21, 5:34 AM] Jacob Martinez: From the airport we took church bus. Kids were in awe of families of 4+ riding on a motorcycle.

[7/21, 5:34 AM] Jacob Martinez: Ai Ling said she’s never seen a place so poor.

[7/21, 5:35 AM] Jacob Martinez: Noah has whined very little about the heat and sweat. Everyone is staying hydrated. I’m making sure.

[7/21, 5:35 AM] Jacob Martinez: We are on 3 separate teams. But everyone is together.

[7/21, 5:35 AM] Jacob Martinez: Men/boys in 1 room, girls in another.

[7/21, 5:35 AM] Jacob Martinez: Our beds at simple cots. Bands woven together.

[7/21, 5:36 AM] Jacob Martinez: Are

[7/21, 5:36 AM] Jacob Martinez: Bathroom is very… limited. :) it will be an experience to remember.

This will not be a trip of comfort.. they are beginning to learn “About dying to self. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Adapting to the environment. Not complaining.”

Please continue to pray for them as they have now set foot on their destination. Do pray that each member of the team will learn to

1) Die to self

2) Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

3) Adapt to the environment

4) Not complain

5) Love with the presence of Christ for every person they meet

6) Advance the Kingdom of God




July 21 - Pt 2


More updates from text conversation with Jacob….Note my responses and Jacob’s wife, Isela.

[7/21, 10:54 AM] Jacob Martinez: Funny update. We are in international mission center in Philippines. Where we will operate/stay. Very late night. Once released to shower (showing is buckets of water splashed over you repeatedly) and prepare for tomorrow there were about 5 giant cockroaches. I killed a few in boys bathroom. A few in girls bathroom. The girls were screaming. Ai Ling opened the door as I walked by and goes, “Jacob, give me your sandal” as the roach runs out. I give it to her and she smashes the giant roach. I say why didn’t you use yours?

“Because I didn’t want to get it on my sandal. “

Anyway, I thought it funny.

[7/21, 10:54 AM] Jacob Martinez: We prepared for outreach tomorrow. We will split into 2 teams.

[7/21, 10:55 AM] Jacob Martinez: 1 team is focusing on home visits, the other on gathering kids in the area and entertaining and sharing gospel.

[7/21, 10:56 AM] Jacob Martinez: That’s in morning. In afternoon is outreach to a local school. We’ve been given permission to share/play games/deliver message with 7 classrooms for 50 minutes.

[7/21, 10:56 AM] Jacob Martinez: We are all very exhausted. And I need to wash clothes (by hand ) in the morning.

[7/21, 11:10 AM] Seumean Kuon: Praying for strength and boldness for you all

[7/21, 11:10 AM] Seumean Kuon: Boldness to overcome even the roaches

[7/21, 11:27 AM] Isela Martinez: How funny! :-) praise God for the memories being made and the gospel being shared!

Truly the team is building memories that will last a lifetime even as they prepare to minister and witness the next day. As you recalled they have been up since 2:45am Honk Kong time, so they are totally exhausted.

We had training for them in Houston prior to sending them out by simulating some of the environments that they would find themselves in. We had them washed clothes by hands and then send them out to the mall, WalMart, Home Depot, Target, and other public places to witness to people. However, we forgot to simulate showering with buckets while swatting away at giant roaches… Lessons learned… for next training in Houston.

Please pray that they will get a good rest and be ready to share the love of Christ the next day…

The attached photo is the team going to the Philippines from US, Hong Kong, India and Japan. It was taken at the HK airport prior to departure to the Philippines.

Blessings all




July 26

Prayer Team,

It’s been several days since we’ve had any updates from the team in the Philippines. During day 2, they were asked to not use any electronics while on the mission … So all is quiet on the Philippines front… We did get a brief update of what took place the first two days in the Philippines. It’s been exciting thus far…

Philippines Updates

Day 1 – After a short night of rest that included travel from HK to Manila to Cayagan De Oro, the City of Gold. And getting bucket baths that included roach swatting, the team slept on mats or cots… sometimes with and sometimes without electricity… Our team of 22 was split into 8 teams.. one team visited a few schools in the city and ministered to the children there. The other 7 teams went to homes of families and ministered to them. At the end of the day, they returned to the mission center and here’s a text from a team member:

When we got back to the center there was no electricity or water. I guess it’s a common thing. CCMN (Mission) training says when stuff goes wrong say to each other, “this is normal”.

They are learning and growing to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and dying to the comfort of this world. No electricity… No water…. bugs… “This is normal!”

Day 2 – Team got up early to prepare for a 3 hour trip that starts at 5am to minister at a Muslim village. Apparently the church that we are ministering with have had a great relationship with Muslim within the city and surrounding areas. In 2013 when the 200 mph typhoon hit the Philippines, this area was one of the hardest hit. The church was mobilized and ministered to the community, and as such, the Lord had opened many doors including into the Muslim communities. The whole team ministered in this village till the afternoon. By the look of the photos (we were asked not to not make the photos public access), it was very successful. What an experience that was!

Day 3-5 – After the brief update from Day 2, we honored the request of the team leader to not use electronics while on mission. For moms and dads in the US, that was kinda tough… we wanted to hear at least on a daily basis what’s going on… But we decided to entrust all these team members to Jesus… because we believe that God is doing an amazing thing.

When I (Seumean) talked to the three teens from our church including XinMing, Ai-Ling, and Mikey while they were waiting for their flight to the Philippines from HK, they said that they have already been so impacted … They experienced a greater love for the Lord during the mission night simulation of the world’s environments, their eyes were more open to the world, and their hearts were filled with greater compassion for the lost to come to Jesus…

So as parents, this brings great joy to know that our children are growing in love for Jesus and for the lost… even without the daily text updates :)

So continue to pray for XinMing and Ai-Ling and their team members. They have two more days in the Philippines and will return to HK for debriefs from all teams including those who traveled to restricted access nations.

1) Pray that the name of Jesus be lifted up…

2) Pray for fruits from their labor from the lost and for the team

3) Pray that love of God is now rooted in their hearts and when the team returns, that their lives will never, ever be the same




July 30

Prayer Partners,

It’s done. Mission accomplished. The kids are now back in HK after 7 days in the Philippines. There were many memories and lives impacted. So I asked both of my kids, “What impacted you the most on this trip?”

Ai-Ling’s Response: “They were so poor. I saw children playing with trash and yet they were so happy. Dad, we have so much in the States, and we whine and complain. These kids only had Jesus, and they can play with trash and be happy!”

XinMing’s Response: “The greatest thing for me is the heart that God has given me for mission. I have a much more greater heart for the lost!”

So I’ve included 3 photos to show you one of the areas they ministered in. The first one is a picture of their US team lead and his two kids. It gives you an idea of one environment where they ministered.

This 2nd photo has some of the team members with kids who discovered that the joy of life can even be found in trash if you have Jesus.

This 3rd photo shows XinMing’s new discovery.. babies in the Philippines are just as cute as those in the US… The Lord has given XinMing a special love for babies…

They have completed their assignment that the Lord has given them. They have 2 more days in HK and return to Houston on Aug 2. On Sunday Aug 9th at 530pm, the mission team from our church will share all that the Lord did on this trip. If you are in the area, please come to hear…

Thank you so much for praying for them. Final prayer requests:

1) For team’s safety as they travel back to US

2) There be a great harvest in areas they ministered in

3) The transformation in each of the team member’s heart would never flame out, but rather burn greater for the Lord and the lost around the world.

Blessings all…




August 2

Hi All,

We will have a welcome home potluck brunch at the Martinez’ this Sumday (i.e. tomorrow) from 10:30am – noon. The address is 5415 Summer Oak, Pasadena. Bring something to share…

You are welcome to meet them at the airport at 9am or at their place at 10:30am ….



On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 9:16 AM, TOUCH Family wrote:

Hi All,

We will be welcoming the return of our mission team (i.e. Janie, Rita, Jacob, Mikey, Noah, XinMing, & ai-Ling) at the Intercontinental Airport this Sunday morning.

Following are their flight info: Korean Airlines KE0029 from Seoul to Houston with expected arrival at 8:50am. They will have to go thru customs and all.

We will meet at Terminal D baggage claim areas. If everything’s on schedule, we expect them around 9:20 am or so…

Afterward, we will go to enjoy breakfast or brunch with the team. Place will be determined tomorrow morning.

If any of you is available, I know they would love to see you…



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